William is a 12 year old boy, who – with the permission of his parents – played video games throughout his treatment and recovery.  For his wish, William wanted to meet the developers of his favorite game – Tom Clancy’s The Division!


Accompanied by his father, brother, and a couple of Make-A-Wish volunteers, William had a truly awesome day with an in-depth tour, appearance on Tom Clancy’s The Division Twitch stream and photos with a Cleaner!  William was also made an honorary TCTD dev team member by Senior Producer, Tony Sturzel and Creative Director Terry Spier.


After his Red Storm visit, William and his family took a limo ride to a surprise location – the local North Carolina National Guard aviation facility to check out attack and rescue/utility helicopters.  Upon arrival, William was greeted by an Army Chief Warrant Officer and given an inside tour of the unit’s ready room and hanger housing aircraft and equipment he’d previously only seen in movies and video games, including an AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter and UH-72 Lakota Utility Helicopter.  He and his brother got to try on helmets and survival gear, sit in the aircraft and operate a thermal camera.  William was also presented with an inert and engraved 30mm cannon projectile and a poster by the Army National Guard reps involved.


At the end of the visit, William’s dad wanted to share just how much your work means to his family and to those who are in similar circumstances.  He stated, “For five months while Will was undergoing and recovering from his bone marrow transplant, your video game literally improved his quality of life and ability to “escape” from the reality of what he was undergoing. Not figuratively, literally.  It made the time go by.  He had sores in his mouth and all the other side effects from chemo – but it allowed him to hang out with his social group and play anyway.”


The best news for everyone is that Will’s illness is now under control thanks to the successful bone marrow transplant and it looks like he’ll be leading a full life. To check out more photos of William’s visit follow the link below!


More Photos Here!