Red Storm Entertainment welcomes the Ubisoft NCSA Customer Relationship Center (CRC) to the Cary Campus!



The CRC’s primary purpose is to deliver a positive and memorable experience for gamers and Ubisoft consumers, alike. This is accomplished through deliberate efforts that aim to ensure that employees, players, production teams and other partners in business (internal and external) are provided with support, solutions, guidance, engagement opportunities and information as needed. For gamers though, CS may be best known as frontline responders when issues or questions arise in-game. The NCSA CRC supports and drives player engagement for all Ubisoft titles, all platforms, and events for the ‘North, Central, and South America’ player audience. Their sister site, the EMEA CRC, is responsible for the other half of the globe. Both CRC’s support every game Ubisoft has ever released!


Ubisoft purchased the campus in 2018, but a complete renovation was required prior to move-in. The buildings were gutted down to the studs in order to create a space that was befitting of the two studios. Red Storm was the first to move into the space in June 2019, while construction continued on the CRC portion until recently.


The two studios share common areas like the cafeteria and recreational space known as the “fish bowl.” (above right)



If you love video games and have skills and talent associated with: Customer Service, Social Media, QA, Training, Workforce Management, Data Analytics, System Tools, Coding, Content Creation, Ecommerce, HR or General Management, the CRC should be your next employment goal! Or for some, working at the CRC can be a stepping stone for aspiring game developers. Several Red Storm developers started working at the CRC while still in college perusing a game-related degree. Regardless of your path, the CRC prides themselves on a family-like culture that is both collaborative and inclusive. Expectations are high, but support is provided, and successes are celebrated along the way.


Red Storm looks forward to sharing the space and future team building activities with our new neighbors.