The History of Tom Clancy


IGN takes a look at the history of the Tom Clancy games and the founding of Red Storm Entertainment.

A small unit is placed in an impossible battle. By all reason they should be dead; instead they’re in and out, just like that, the victory theirs before the enemy even knows they’ve lost. In most games this happens because the commandos are supermen, or the enemy is just a little bit suicidal. In a Tom Clancy game there are no such advantages. Instead, the right strategy, the right high-tech weapon or gadget, and the right team are the only path to success. The battle is decided before the first bullet leaves the chamber. -IGN

Beginning with Tom Clancy’s SSN, a large array of titles have carried the Clancy name. From Rainbow Six to Ghost Recon, some of our very favorite titles were conceived and developed here, at Red Storm, over the past 15 years. Now developed by a large and diverse array of studios in multiple countries and continents, we all share the responsibility to bring you the most immersive experience possible.

In this article, IGN explores the roots of the tactical shooter, the expansion of the Clancy universe, and what exactly makes a game worth of the “Tom Clancy” name. Share a few moments with Red Storm’s very own Creative Director Tommy Jacob and Senior Producer Stuart White as they recount the early days of the studio and foretell Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s return to a classic experience.

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