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Career: Character Tech Director

Red Storm Entertainment is looking for a versatile Character TD to join our biggest new IP in Ubisoft’s  history Tom Clancy’s The Division! If you have a blend of strong technical skills in rigging/programming, as well as a good artistic sense this may be your next big opportunity to work on a hot AAA franchise. At RSE the Character TDs are challenged to not only create incredible rigs but to ensure optimal performance and look in game engines.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Create high quality rigs, systems, control interfaces, tools and workflows
  • Write and maintain scripts using Python to support animation of characters, weapons and other art areas as needed
  • Produce the tools and establish the pipeline for rigging characters and getting key frame animations or motion capture data to create high quality simple to complex biped and quadruped animation sets.
  •  Work effectively with Animators, Character and Weapons artists as well as other TDs so that they are aware of concerns and issues dealing with animation production.
  • Collaborate with our development partner studios across the world in the development of asset pipelines and tools
  • Proactively produce work in an efficient and timely manner, adhering to an agreed-upon schedule.
  • Insure quality of related assets by maintaining responsibility over animations tools and pipeline throughout the projects development including fixing bugs, assigned by project leads.
  •  Contribute to the success of the team, and the studio, through your personal contribution to the product.
  • Document pipeline and tools development processes Inspire and empower the art team to optimize their processes
  • Provide team/company support – Each team member is expected to provide feedback on ideas, features, game-play, and process.


  •  A minimum of 4 years’ experience designing, creating and supporting complex character, facial and weapon rigs
  • Experience building tools to improve animation, rigging and / or character pipelines
  • Able to own the skinning process for a variety of creatures, characters, garments, and gear
  • Extensive knowledge of Python and DCC tools APIs
  • Good understanding of real time animation systems and game console constraints.
  • Experience using motion capture systems
  • Knowledge of Motion Builder
  • Strong interpersonal skills-able to interact with team members of different disciplines
  • Good positive attitude and outlook
  • Candidates for this position are required to provide samples at the time of application. Web portfolio format is preferred. Any resumes submitted without a portfolio or web link will not be considered.

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