Richard Dansky on Game Writing


Richard Dansky, Ubisoft and Red Storm’s Central Clancy Writer, contributes a post to Jordan Mechner’s Making Video Game‘s blog.

Richard plays a pivotal role here at Red Storm and with the Tom Clancy games. He has influenced just about every modern Clancy title from Rainbow Six 3 to Splinter Cell: Conviction and Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

The most important thing to look for in a game writer is a game writer. Everything else is secondary. If the writer doesn’t understand that they’re writing for a game — not a movie, or a television show, or a comic book, or a novel or a tabletop RPG or a choose-your-own-adventure book or the underside of a Nantucket Nectar bottle cap — then nothing else matters.

Read Richard’s full commentary, A Game Writer’s Perspective on Game Writing, over on Mechner’s blog:

You can also find more information about Richard on his website: