Red Storm @ Game On!


What does 5 Developers, 3 Hours, 2 consoles, and a ton of video game props get you?

A unique and entertaining experience for teens that provided an opportunity to interact with developers in a casual setting.

On February 17th, Red Storm attended Game On! at the Museum of Life + Science where we were one of several developers onsite to field questions and provide a peek inside the world of game development.

We spent Friday afternoon setting up a room we fondly dubbed the “Red Storm Lounge” and then welcomed in a few hundred teens to play some of the latest Ubisoft titles, ask questions, and get their hands on some of our military gear. Among other things, visitors had the opportunity to handle real military-grade optics and try on a set of ballistic armor.

While not socializing with attendees, we took the opportunity to slip out of the Lounge and visit some of the other exhibitors including Spark Plug Games and Youth Digital Studio. We snagged some Pizza and Liquid-Nitrogen Ice-Cream, pet a python, and played some old school Pinball.

Back in the Lounge Shawn IshiharaRichard CaseEvan ChamplinMatte Wagner, and I answered questions on different aspects of game development, how to get into the industry, and our personal favorite: “IS YOUR JOB TOTALLY AWESOME?”

Yes… yes, it is…

We hope the event provided a very tactile experience for our visitors and provided some new insights into the details and care Red Storm puts into its work. It was a great experience with the community and we look forward to more events in the future.

Keep an eye on our website for details on future events!