Recon Ops: #GetTagged

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We decided we wanted to have a little fun with you, our fans, and what better way than to give away some swag!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be hiding objects for you to find and leaving clues on our twitter account, @RedStorm.

To join in the fun, it’s simple – follow @RedStorm, decipher the clues, and be the first to find the item we’ve hidden.

Some basic guidelines:

  • Items will be concealed or obscured, but never buried or entirely hidden.
  • Clues will always be posted with the #GetTagged hash by @RedStorm.
  • Please be considerate, we’re careful when hiding items, please be careful when retrieving them.
  • We’ll never hide anything where you’ll need special tools (a shovel, ladders, etc)

Questions? Post them in the comments or send them to @RedStorm.

Good Luck and Have Fun!