In June we partnered with the Microsoft Store in Durham to donate three customized Xbox One mobile video game carts to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham and Wake (RMH). The donation was followed by a night of gaming and fun with the families currently residing at the house. Read more about that here!

To create the Xbox One mobile game carts, we put together a team for the cart transformation. The whole project involved repurposing pre-existing mobile carts to work with televisions and consoles, along with extensive customization. Overall the team accomplished a custom paint job, LED lightning bolt, resin cast hubcaps, vinyl decals, and themed peripherals to complete the package.

These photos detail some of the steps during the process of creating the final gaming carts.

We started with these base mobile tech carts. We initially stripped them down and then sanded and painted the plastic parts.

cart_build (6)

To make the hubcaps, we first 3D-modeled them to fit the theme of the cart, then 3D-printed them. Molds were created using the 3D prints so they could be more easily reproduced. Resin was used to cast the hubcaps, which were then sanded and painted to make sure they fit well and that the red color was vibrant and consistent.

cart_build (4)

We laser cut red Plexiglas in the shape of the Red Storm Bolt logo and heat treated it to fit the shape of the front panel of the cart. We also wired LEDs behind the bolt, so it glows when the cart is on and in use. Consequently, we drilled holes in the front of the cart to create the custom light effects.

Other touches were put on the carts, such as custom vinyl cut decals and theme-appropriate peripherals.

Here are some of the final shots of the completed carts.