How Dolby Helped Mix Ghost Recon Future Soldier


Red Storm Audio DirectorJustin Drust, contributes to Dolby Laboratories’ case study on the LM100 and its use in in the process of mastering Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s audio.

During the development of Ghost Recon Future Soldier, the game’s audio production was split among three Ubisoft studios: Red Storm Entertainment in North Carolina, Ubisoft Paris, and Ubisoft Romania. Each studio had its own audio production setup, with varying room sizes, monitoring solutions, and output calibration.

Well before starting the final mix, the Red Storm/Ubisoft teams realized that a proper mixing plan needed a way to ensure consistency among all locations when monitoring a console’s audio output. This required a device that could offer precise and accurate measurements of the game’s audio mix. The company turned to Dolby for a solution—the Dolby LM100 Broadcast Loudness Meter.

You can read the full case study of the equipment and how it helped the Red Storm audio team on Dolby’s website: