Help Ana Kessel


Ana Kessel is 20. She is a talented artist and graduate of Full Sail University, who interned at Insomniac Games over the summer. On November 11th, while riding her scooter, she was hit by an unlicensed, uninsured driver, who then fled the scene.

Now she needs our help.

For those familiar with the Game Development scene in and around Raleigh, it will come as no surprise that the news about Ana has rapidly spread through our community. From monthly social gatherings to IGDA meetings, North Carolina developers are a tight-knit group who take pride in our industry friendships and support our peers.

This community bond is even more apparent when a tragedy occurs. At moments like this, it behooves us all to step up and help out one of our own.

Thankfully, Ana survived the accident, but the trauma she sustained has led to the amputation of her leg. She will need to have multiple additional surgeries and the path to recovery will be long, painful, and expensive.

Because of the nature of the accident and the involved parties’ lack of insurance, Ana’s friends and family have set up a fundraising campaign to help cover her expenses and provide her with a high quality prosthetic. But needless to say these things are not cheap, and the effort needs all the help it can get.

We encourage you to visit the site, learn about Ana, and make a contribution to her recovery.

Thank you.

Update: There are several community auctions running to raise funds for Ana. We’ll continue to update this  bottom of this post to include links to active items we know about. Also, if you happen to know about something we’ve missed, mention it in the comments and we’ll get it added.

Autographed Golden Retro-Lancer (ended 11/22/13)
Autographed Retro-Lancer (ended 11/22/13)
Autographed Original Lancer (ended 11/22/13)
Original Insect Portrait Painting (ended 11/23/13)
Autographed GoW2 Comicon Poster (ended 11/23/13)