In continuation of the Girls Make Games series, Red Storm Entertainment hosted several “Fellows” from the GMG Fellowship Program. GMG is a summer camp for girls aged 8-17 years old. The Fellows who are 18 years or older, spend 3 weeks mentoring the campers as a Camp Coordinator (logistics) or Camp Counselor (teaching). Once camp is complete, the Fellows are given unique networking and mentorship opportunities. Emily, a college student majoring in English, had the opportunity to shadow two Red Storm developers.


First, Emily spent time with Central Clancy Writer Richard Dansky, where she was given an overview of game writing and how to work with a team. Second, Emily shadowed Senior Associate Producer Aimee Achilli, where she walked through the production process on “The Division 2” and learned how a producer works with an art team.


Find more info on the GMG Fellowship Program here:

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Below: Emily


Below: Emily with Senior Associate Producer Aimee Achilli


Below: Emily with Communications Manager Jessica Hook