Gamer Unplugged Visits Red Storm

Justin Amirkhani recently visited the studio as part of his epic backpacking pilgrimage across North America. Justin is currently working on Gamer Unplugged, a travelogue of sorts, detailing his adventures and misadventures as he traverses the country by bus, visiting gaming studios along the way.

On Justin’s recent visit, he sat down to visit with members of the studio and talk about the culture of authenticity that pervades Red Storm:

I was met in the studio by Travis Getz, a man in charge of ensuring the authenticity of the Tom Clancy series at Ubisoft. Whenever an artist needs to know exactly what a British DPM camo pattern looks like, or when an audio engineer needs to hear what an M16 firing into a concrete bunker sounds like, he’s the one to make sure they have the tools on-hand necessary to do their job. Red Storm is a studio that prides itself on being able to draw from realistic source materials and implement them in a way that – although set in a fictional environment – feel as real as possible.

You can read Justin’s full article on his visit to Red Storm here:

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