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Career: Online/Networking Engineer

Red Storm Entertainment is seeking an Online Services Engineer to join the biggest new IP in Ubisoft’s history Tom Clancy’s The Division!  If you have strong programming skills and an extensive knowledge of online multiplayer systems this may be your next big opportunity to work on a hot AAA franchise. At RSE the developers are challenged to collaborate with team members globally to achieve optimal performance and quality gaming experiences.


Primary responsibility will be programming a variety of game related features for AAA multiplayer online games encompassing elements such as: matchmaking, online persistence, community features and social media integration, data and statistics, anti-cheat, infrastructure design/implementation, live operations management, and optimizations.

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The White House Game Jam

Red Storm recently took a trip to the White House to participate in the first ever White House Educational Game Jam. Organized by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the Office of Educational Technology, the jam brought several small teams of developers and education experts together for 48 hours of intense prototyping and exploration into the power of playful learning. Senior policymakers had a hunch that games could engage students and help them tackle some of the trickiest subjects, and they invited about a hundred developers to help prove them right.

We joined teams from big studios, small studios, universities, and other educational companies at the offices of Difference Engine in the heart of Washington DC’s Dupont Circle. From the instant the jam began, the teams’ creativity and technical prowess were on full display. Our team took on the challenge of teaching students about ecosystems and what it takes to keep a complex web of interactions from collapsing in a total extinction event.

The result was Endemos, a game that allows players to create new creatures and balance traits such as size, vitality, lifespan, and mobility in an effort to create a sustainable population. Towards the end of the weekend, the organizers brought a number of students in to play the prototypes, and it was amazing to see the positive response the team got from their intense efforts. It was a long haul, but seeing the kids make ridiculous creatures and debate whether wolf-sharks were cooler than bear-sharks made it all worthwhile.

Red Storm’s team returned exhausted but fulfilled. It was a privilege to get to partner with so many excellent educators and also to see the amazing creativity and talent our fellow devs brought to the jam. With senior officials seriously exploring how games can be used to support education, there’s a lot of reason to be excited about the future of collaboration between educators and developers. Red Storm was truly honored by the invitation, and we’re proud of our team’s contribution to making the first White House Educational Game Jam a success.

Recap: Sharity 2014


Red Storm had a great Sharity event with members of the North Carolina Army National Guard yesterday.  They brought their kids to the studio for snacks, foosball, corn hole, Just Dance, and a Rayman Legends Kung Foot tournament!  It got pretty intense during the competition.  As you can see, we were all on the edge of our seats during the finals.  Congrats to the winning team of Christian and Clifton!

Sharity is an annual event at Ubisoft where we open the doors of our studios and offices around the world to help a good cause.  This year we organized a 24-hour relay-style gaming marathon between Ubisoft studios & offices around the world.  What started in Australia, ended in North Carolina as Red Storm carried the team to the finish line to close the marathon.

We were honored to have the North Carolina National Guard Family Program as guests in our studio.  Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for North Carolina National Guard members and their families. They provide ongoing communication, involvement, and support to the families while a Service member is deployed.  For more information, please visit their Facebook Page:

Red Storm is Helping Arm The Division


It’s official!

We’re happy to join Ubisoft Massive and Reflections in working on Tom Clancy’s The Division.

The UbiBlog posted a new interview  with our very own Tony Sturtzel and JD Cragg along with several of the fine folks from Massive.

Check out the UbiBlog post for all of the details on How Red Storm is Helping Arm The Division.

Beyond The Studio: Tim Beatty

Welcome to our first installment of Beyond the Studio!  We are lucky to work with such a diversely talented group of people here at Red Storm.  This series will be focused on the interests, hobbies, and side projects of the team outside of video games.

In this episode, we follow Senior Environment Artist, Tim Beatty, as he shows us his process of making guitars out of Cigar Boxes.  Sound and Music Designer, Francis Dyer, used one of Tim’s guitars to compose the music featured in the video.

Check out more of Tim’s work at:

Film by – Shawn Ishihara