Audio In The Field


Just in case it wasn’t obvious by now: we’re really enthusiastic about capturing exceptional audio for studio projects.

Justin DrustAudio Director, recently had the opportunity to go on the record about some of the equipment and techniques used by the team.

“After spending some time with the great Charles Maynes and listening to the amazing audio he captured with the 744T, we went ahead and purchased the Sound Devices gear,” says Drust. “The preamps on the 744T are excellent and the limiters inside them are probably the best I have heard for weapon recording. They are so fast, and very hard to clip, so we have been able to get fantastic source recordings of these incredibly loud sounds.”

Featuring four sound designers and one audio programmer, the Red Storm Entertainment crew is responsible for the sound design, voice recording, casting, music production and implementation of the games it creates. It utilizes Sound Devices gear for all of its field recordings

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